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cropped-cropped-benefitsontario-com-logo.jpgIn 1988 I joined the insurance industry. It was my father-in-law who suggested I come in, as I was having some difficulty deciding where my future was. After 26 years, I am glad he prompted me, because over time I have come to appreciate the value that “money insurance” holds.

“Money insurance?”, you might say. What do I mean?

Well, I think of insurance as income. It delivers when nobody else will, at a time in a person’s life and that of their family when no business would lend  them money, or offer it for free. Sounds a little nutty I know, but insurance is designed to be there for those who are down and out. Bring in the song from our friend Eric Clapton (click here, and come back to read the rest as you hum along).

People will tell you, they can lose some flaky friends when the money stops, and the standard of keeping up with the Jones’ is no longer possible. In illness or severe accident, merely surviving with food on the table, and a roof over one’s head seems tough enough; the corvette convertible no longer in focus.

When someone becomes unable to work all heck breaks loose. Many times, the reality of what is coming their way cannot even be fathomed. Existing benefit plan costs must now be bourne by them as well, as if an all too cold kick when down. It seems unthinkable that when having to apply for unemployment insurance sickness benefits, calculating the huge drop in wage, you are also faced with a letter from an employer stating that you are now also going to have to pay for your own medical and dental coverage if you want it to continue. And if drugs are suddenly needed, fear of losing benefits can be jarring.

My job is to cushion the blow, and to provide income like a bowl of soup to a homeless person. But my job does not start when tragedy strikes. It starts long before, and the challenge of convincing wealthy, healthy people that things can go wrong is the huge burden I bear. That is what makes marketing insurance solutions tough.

But, with the challenge has come satisfaction. I have had death claims and delivered cheques for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have helped arrange the claim paperwork and ensure payments for monthly income replacement programs that have helped maintain the dignity of those that had enough to think about got processed.  And knowing that money, thank God, was not one of the biggest challenges my clients faced at one of the worst times in their lives.

For my clients I want to ensure that we look to protect them if they live but cannot work; if they die, and leave their family without their paycheque. Or, if they develop illness with expensive drugs on top of not being able to work – – who will pay those costs?

I ask that you ask yourself a very important question: “Am I the person who is responsible to ensure that my family is looked after should something happen to me?”. If you answered NO, we have nothing further to discuss. But if you answered YES, then I can assist you in determining what is missing, and how to go about ensuring we get it for you. It’s really that simple, even though it might seem complicated.

With proper insurance planning, my clients can ensure that setting a side a small percentage of income can under adverse conditions ensure 100% or close to it.



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